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The diagnostic of your PC problems is free and you only have to pay for the repair later you know what has to be repaired.The cost of repairing it will depend solely on what the cause of the problem turns out to be.Any job carried out is done on a “No-Fix, No Fee” basis, so there’s no risk to your pocket.

Repair pricing and service options

 In-Shop Repair Prices

We have the latest equipment’s to handle any complicated repairs be it software, hardware or chip level related problems, we have the expertise and staff to troubleshoot with a price affordable to you. When you bring your computer into our shop for repair, we give you two easy ways to pay.

Hourly Service 50.00/hour Or Computer Service Maintenance Packages - If you're covered under the Computer Service Maintenance package, simply bring your computer in, no matter what the problem is, and we'll take care of it for you.Privacy and confidentiality is maintained throughout the repair process.

Computer Service Maintenance Packages - $199.99 Maintenance Plan (Monthly)

On-Site Service Prices

Friendly certificated technician dispatched to your home or office. With one quick phone call, on site computer support will have someone at your home or place of business within 24 hours, and provide numerous resources to keep your system safe. Our prices start at $75 per hour.


A 30 day guarantee on all the work we do! That’s right you get peace of mind, we fix it the first time every time or it’s free! If we are unable to solve your problem we don't charge you at all.

All replacement parts, upgrades & sales have a 1 year on site parts & labour warranty